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Protesting a C

Calvin and Hobbes could be very insightful. ch130327-1

A&M Charts Smooth Course

While UT is having a tough session as state leaders and UT Regents squabble over the management of the school, the Texas Tribune is reporting (“At A&M, Sharp Charts Smooth Course for Major Changes“) that things are much smoother at A&M. Apparently, having a former politician leading the school has helped A&M negotiate with the the Legislature.

Teaching Loads and Rising College Costs

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a story (“Lighter Teaching Loads Contribute to Rising College Costs, Report Says “) that links rising tuition to lower teaching loads. According to the study mentioned in the article, the teaching load for tenure-track faculty decreased from 2.6 to 2.7 over 15 years. Much of this shift is associated with more schools emphasizing research over teaching.

I would worry about seeing an increased teaching load if mine wasn’t already four courses a semester. However, I worry that my school will continue to ask me to do more research and service and act as if I have one of those more generous two or three-couse loads.