Monthly Archives: July 2013

New Hope

The Texas Tribune is reporting that the third special session (called yesterday by Rick Perry to deal with transportation funding) could open the door to pass tuition bonds needed for campus construction (“New Session Brings Renewed Hope for Campus Construction”).

Texas has not produced a tuition bond bill in 7 years and there are lots of projects waiting for the legislature’s approval. However, the Governor would have to add the bill to his official “call” of the special session and Perry has been reluctant to spend money or act sympathetically toward universities. He has ignored pleas to add it to the session and chances don’t seem good to me.

Shaking up higher education

President Obama is back on the case of higher ed (“Obama vows to ‘shake up’ higher education and find new ways to limit costs.”). Of course, the primary concern is cost. The problem is that the nation still hasn’t had a serious discussion of what’s behind the increasing costs of college and most of the real work will have to be done at the state level.

Getting higher ed on the agenda

Forgotten in the battle over abortion, funding for some higher ed projects still hasn’t gotten on the agenda for the current special session (“Texas House, Senate pressing governor to put college funding on special session agenda“).