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Reduce cheating while improving learning

Here’s s short interview (“Author of new book discusses ways to reduce cheating and improve student learning“) with James Lang about some of what he learned as he looked more deeply at the causes of cheating and the kinds of assignments faculty can use that encourage learning while discouraging teaching.

It looks interesting. I’m adding Lang’s book to the long list of books I wish I had time to read.


Unpaid Internships

Check out the whole cartoon at

Check out the whole cartoon at

Political cartoonist Matt Bors has taken up the cause of interns (“Unpaid Internships Must Be Destroyed“). It’s an issue that has been troubling me since my arrival at SFASU. We serve a lot of students whose families have little money and half of our graduates are first-generation students.  In short, our students are exactly the kind of people who can not afford to take an unpaid internship.

Who can afford to work for free?

These businesses are making lots of money as they take our graduates on extended test drives. Employers are asking for our students to engage in more internships while they’re in college. They’re also asking our graduates to accept more unpaid internship when they get out of college.  I don’t think this is what “free enterprise” means.