This blog is a space I have set aside for sharing links to research and stories about higher education with my friends in and around higher education.  Most faculty do not have the time to read through the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education, or similar sources. They are too busy teaching and doing research to follow the trends in their profession. Also, my job teaching Texas politics and writing about Texas politics gives me a pretty good excuse to spend time looking at the impact of state and federal education policy on teaching.

I have led a teaching circle at Stephen F. Austin labeled “Issues in Higher Education” since 2001. I have also been sharing similar information through SFA’s faculty senate and in other settings. This blog is the product of habit, not expertise.

The weird title for the blog was inspired by a flashback to a Mel Brooks movie.

Mel Brook's movie "High Anxiety"
The content is not expected to be brilliant or attract a wide audience. I have posted links, comments, etc here so that I can efficiently share with colleagues and store information for future use.

How important do I think my posts are? I’ll let the cast of Pearls Before Swine give you a hint.

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