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Teaching Loads and Rising College Costs

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a story (“Lighter Teaching Loads Contribute to Rising College Costs, Report Says “) that links rising tuition to lower teaching loads. According to the study mentioned in the article, the teaching load for tenure-track faculty decreased from 2.6 to 2.7 over 15 years. Much of this shift is associated with more schools emphasizing research over teaching.

I would worry about seeing an increased teaching load if mine wasn’t already four courses a semester. However, I worry that my school will continue to ask me to do more research and service and act as if I have one of those more generous two or three-couse loads.

Chasing those big Tier 1 bucks

College Mascot WarsDespite all the complaints about the role of research at the state’s elite research universities, the Texas Tribune reports (“Tier One Money Up For Grabs in University Competition“)┬áthe ongoing race for the big dollars the state is handing out to create more elite research universities.